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3-Step Hiring Process

Interview on Your Terms

We are here to make the application process as easy as possible. For further information on each stage, please see the steps below.


At Hoag, you'll find career opportunities across the organization and at every stage of your career. More importantly, your work will have a postive impact.


Search: Utilize the search bar to guide you to the job opportunity that most aligns with your goals, qualifications, and career development.

Read: Closely review the job description to ensure you've found an appropriate match based on responsibilities and qualifications.

Confirm: Ensure your skills, goals, and experience align. Be specific on the projects you've accomplished, and include relevant education.

Submit Your Application

Create Account: Once you have selected a job and updated your resume, create an account by clicking "Apply" to move forward with submitting your application.

Await Review

Email: Once your application is complete and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

Review: Our Talent Acquisition team will review applications and will begin to screen best-fit candidates. Please allow approximately two weeks for us to review your application.

What Happens Next: If you are selected to move forward with the next steps of the hiring process, you will hear from a recruiter. If you are not selected, you will receive an email notification encouraging you to search and apply for future job opportunities.


If selected for an interview, our Talent Acquisition team will connect with you to arrange an interview.

Initial Phone / Video Interview

During this time, we will review your goals, experiences, and have a chance to further discuss how your aspirations align with the needs of the organization during your brief
15-30 minute phone or video interview.

In-Person Interview

If selected for the next step in the interview process, you will be invited to an onsite, in-person interview with member(s) of the department. This is an opportunity to ask further questions regarding the work, environment, and company culture.

Additional Assessments

Dependent on the job requirements, you may be required to take additional assessments (i.e., nursing tests, EKG, etc.)


If you are selected for an opportunity, a member from our Talent Acquisition team will reach out to you to extend a job offer with relevant details and next steps.

Discuss Offer

This is an opportunity for you to discuss the offer with your recruiter, and ask any additional questions. Our Talent Acquisition team will work with you to ensure that you are confident in your decision.


If you choose to accept the offer, you will go through the onboarding process of completing a background check and employee health assessment, and drug screen which can take up to two weeks. Our Talent Acquisition team will then provide you the required documentation for your new-hire orientation.

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